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IL mondo del Poker piange Chad Brown, scomparso nella notte.
am mercoledì, luglio 2, 2014

New York – Dated July 2nd 2014
Press release authorized by the Brown family, written by Beau Eurell
Poker icon, Chad Brown, passes away

Today, on July 2nd 2014, poker icon and one of the greatest ambassadors for the game, Chad Brown,(born Martin Brown)passed away at Calvary hospice in the Bronx, New York City.
At the time of his passing, Chad was surrounded by family members and friends according to family spokesperson, Perris Calderon.
Before playing poker professionally, Chad had played minor league baseball and followed that with a highly regarded model and acting career.
Chad was also host of the Ultimate Poker Challenge, which aired in the mid-2000s in syndication and brought many of poker’s greatest players into the homes for many people.
Chad started his professional career in poker in 1993 and has cashed 38 times in the WSOP including two second place finishes. Chad also has 10 cashes on the World Poker Tour among many other cashes in various tournaments, here in the US as well as abroad.
Chad won the 2006 Bluff Magazine Poker Player of the Year award, commenting at the time that “winning Player of the Year is like an actor winning an Oscar.”
Chad’s most recent cash was at the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship during the month of January 2014
Chad’s lifetime earnings were over $3,600,000 according to the poker database Hendon Mob.
“Downtown Chad Brown” was honored by the WSOP with its first ever honorary Gold Poker Bracelet shortly before his passing.
WSOP VP and Tournament Director Jack Effel said during the award ceremony, “Winning a WSOP bracelet is one of the ways a poker player can create their legacy, to make sure they will be remembered by their peers. But it is not the only way.”
“Sometimes there are special people that come around and transcend the traditional poker score card,” Effel said.
“A person who stands for something, like integrity, honor and friendship. A person who is positive, warm and respectful. A person who always made the game better just by being around the table.
A person like Chad Brown.”
“It now seems a certainty that Chad will never again play in the World Series of Poker or any tournament setting,” Effel concluded. “Today, the World Series of Poker family would like to award Chad Brown an honorary bracelet.”
Chad touched everyone’s life and consciousness , a lifelong friend Rori Gordon stated “Chad lived for the day, each and every day. He was prepared to win and prepared to lose and perhaps his last blog spoke volumes about the character of my friend Marty Brown. Chad, as you all knew him said this:”
“The way that I’ve been handling this and continue to handle this is to view the situation like a poker hand. There are only so many correct plays that you can make, and you can make the best play and still lose. If that winds up being the case, I’ll be okay with it, because I’ll know I did everything I could do to give myself the best shot.
As far as how I personally handle the ups and downs of the illness — the “swings” you might say — that really is like poker, too. People in the poker world who know me; know how I accept it as part of the game when things aren’t going well and I’m running bad. If you’ve read my posts you’ve probably noticed me saying the same thing, how the most important thing is to play your best and not let being unlucky get you down.
We all have a choice when it comes to how we want to feel about what’s going on in our lives. If you want to feel like a victim, that’s your choice. I choose not to. I don’t feel like a victim. I feel very blessed with the life that I’ve had, regardless of what happens. I’ve never been depressed about this at all.
Anyone wondering if I’m going through a hard time, the answer is no. This is just part of life and I’m okay with everything. I accept it. And right now I’m just looking forward to the next hand.”

Chad Brown is survived by his mother Elda, his father who likes to be called Sonny, his brother Matt, his sister Gina , his extended family and friends by proxy, all those who knew and loved Downtown Marty Brown.

Questo è il comunicato stampa con cui è stata annunciata la morte di Chad Brown, che nella notte ha esalato il suo ultimo respiro  mentre era ricoverato al Calvary Hospice di New York. Il fortissimo giocatore ha perso la sua ultima partita, quella contro il cancro incurabile che da tempo l’aveva colpito.

La diagnosi risale a 3 anni fa, e da allora le sue comparse pubbliche si son ridotte sempre più sino al PCA 2014, quando ai tavoli era parso trasformato e particolarmente provato. Lo stesso Chad corse a tranquillizzare amici, alleghi e stimatori su un blog pubblico. Putroppo però la via del declino era presa, poco dopo venne ricoverato al Calvary Hospice e da li non è più uscito. Alcuni giorni fa era circolata la falsa notizia della sua dipartita, che purtroppo non ci ha messo molto tempo a diventare vera.

Nel corso di queste WSOP, Chad è stato premiato con un braccialetto WSOP alla carriera, dopo che nonostante le 38 bandierine, non era mai riuscito a conquistare la vittoria.

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